2020 2nd International Conference on

Artificial Intelligence and

Computer Science

July 25th-26th, 2020| Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China


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Part III: e-Poster Session                                  Time: All Day
A368Multi-category Classification Problem Oriented Subsampling-based Active Learning Method
A3693D Densely Connected Convolution Neural Networks
A371An Anti-collision Early Warning System for Mine Trucks Based on RBF Network and WIFI
A376The Design and Implementation of Campus Network Streaming Media Live Video On-demand System Based on Nginx and FFmpeg
A378How to Apply Statistical Software in Doing Multilevel Modeling: A Comparative Study Perspective
A379Prediction of Length of Stay on the Intensive Care Unit Based on Bayesian Neural Network
A380Research on pH Value Control System of Haematococcus pluvialis Algae Based on Fuzzy PID Algorithm
A381Design of Pump Station Operation Condition Monitoring System Based on MATLAB Simulation
A382An Optimized AdaBoost Algorithm Improvement
A383Constraint Inversion Model of Core Science Complex Network
A385Research on Fault Line Selection Method Based on Convolutional Neural Networks
A386Construction and Application of Big Data System in Automobile Intelligent Factory
A394An Assessment Method of Structure Strength Analysis on Full-Scale Lng Independent Type C Tank
A395Research of Big Data Analysis Platform Based on Positioning Information
A396Identifier and Locator Separation based Site Multi-homing Path Failure Recovery
A399Automatic Modeling of Bayesian Network Testability Model Based on K2 Algorithm and EDA
A401Global Scheduling Real-Time Parallel Tasks on Multicore Platforms
A402A RISC-V based Coprocessor Accelerator Technology Research for Convolution Neural Networks
A403Identification of Superheat of Aluminum Reduction Cell with Kernel-based Semi-supervised Extreme Learning Machine
A405Real-Time Multi-Object Grasp Based on Convolutional Neural Network
A409Semi-supervised Deep Learning in Motor Imagery-based Brain-Computer Interfaces with Stacked Variational Autoencoder
A411A Parametric Eigentrsucture Assignment Design With Any Desired State Vector In Linear Time-invariant System
A412Simulation Research on High-Speed Railway Dropper Fault Detection and Location Based on Time-Frequency Analysis
A413A Rapid Method of Monocular Image Measurement based on Rectangle Information
A414Big Data Mining Analysis of Key Indicators of Online New Energy Vehicles
A418A Study of the Operation Parameters of a Tube Chain Conveyor Based on Discrete Element Simulation
A421A Data Simulation Method of Bank Fraud Transaction Based on Flow-Based Generation Model
A422The Research on a Bluetooth Low Energy Warning Method
A423Securing the Private Key in Your Blockchain Wallet:
A Continuous Authentication Approach Based on Behavioral Biometric
A426A Ship Ranging and Positioning System Based on Binocular Vision Technology
A428Research on Formation Keeping of Multi-Rotor Uavs Based on Improved Virtual Structure Method
A429Containment control for Lipschitz Nonlinear Multi-Agent Systems with semi-Markov switching topologies
A431Research on Harmonic Power Sharing Method Based on Adaptive Virtual Harmonic Impedance
A432Research on Observer-based Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Current Prediction Strategy
A435Research Progress of Public Opinion in Big Data Network Based on Fuzzy Sets
A436Multi-threshold Image Segmentation by Improved Lion Swarm Optimization Algorithm
A437Consistent-Resolution Network for 3D Hand Shape Estimation
from a Single RGB Image
A440Architecture Design of Teenager Mental Health Evaluation System Based on High Concurrency and High Availability
A445An Empirical Study on the Phenomenon of Information Narrowing in the Context of Personalized Recommendation
A447Design of Tire Damage Image Recognition System Bas
A451Named Entity Recognition for the Horticultural Domain
A452Research on Seismic Data Interpolation and Reconstruction
A453Research on Product Design Efficiency Improvement Based on Computer Information Technology
A454Criminal Punishment Prediction Based on Fuzzy Document Vector Model without Human Business
A459Research on The Method of Individual Identification of Chickens Based on Depth Image
A462Training and Operation of Multi-Layer Convolutional Neural Network Using Electronic Synapses
A463Prediction of Lea Plant Proteins Based on Machine Learning
A465The Best-Worst Ant System for the Lock Chamber Arrangement Problem
A467Multi-Source Information Data Fusion Method Under Complex Battlefield Situation
A468Design of Photovoltaic Power Generation System Based on Single Chip Microcomputer
A470The Enlightenment of the Theory Model of Audio-Visual Integration to Human-Computer Interaction Technology
A472Power Grid Fault Diagnosis Method based on Stacked Sparse Noise Reduction Autoencoder and Gru Network
A476Optimization of GM (1,1) model based on Adams formula
A477The Semi-Dense Icp Algorithm Based on the Sift Feature Points Neighborhood
A478Human Activity Recognition Using Gaussian Naïve Bayes Algorithm in Smart Home
A480Design of the Segmentation Algorithm of Hcc Based on the Improved U-Net Network
A481Optimization of Tunnel Image Short-distance Transmission Method Based on Visible Light Communication
A482High Performance Online Loop Closure Detection for Topological Mapping
A483Tank Behaviour Decision Based on Behaviour tree and SA-QL
A486A Self-adaptive Morphological Filter without Consideration of Window Size for Airborne LiDAR Point Clouds
A487Examination Paper Image Segmentation with Adversarial Network
A493An Identification Method of Question Subjects Based on Word Embedding and LSTM
A494College Students’ Physical Fitness Test Data Analysis, Visualization and Prediction Using Data Mining Techniques
A495Fresh Agricultural Products Cold Chain Location Selection in Context of Big Data
A500Design and Implement the Continuous Flickering SSVEP-BCI in Augmented Reality
A502A Novel Spectral Clustering Algorithm Based on Randomly State Changed Particle Swarm Optimization
A504A Comparative Study of Urban Built-up Area Change Monitoring by Remote Sensing Images and Poi Data— Taking Shenyang as an Example
A505Shared Massage Chair Application in the Context of IoT: Take “Lemobar” as an Example
A507Tuina Force Acquisition System of Finger Pressing Therapy
A508Comparative Analysis of Position and Pose Estimation Methods of RGB-D Camera
A509Study of Underwater Target Recognition Using Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Technology
A512Data-Driven Sensor Fault Diagnosis for Fighter under Harsh Conditions
A514Voice Control System Based on Zynq FPGA
A519Research on Decision Fusion of Underwater Target Recognition
A529Equipment Operation Analysis and Application Research based on Big Data Electric Power Distribution Network
A531Fast Retrieval Method of Image Data Based on Learning to Hash
A533Modal Parameters Identification based on Equalization Principal Component Analysis
A546Smooth Twin Bounded Support Vector Machine with Pinball Loss
A547Scarf Defect Detection Method Based on Periodicity of Braided Texture
A554A CNN Based Method for Quantitatively Evaluating 3D Face Reconstruction Algorithms
A560Trident SSDA Trident Single-Shot MultiBox Object Detector with Deconvolution
A562Attribute-based Identity Authentication Scheme Based on Linear Codes
A576A Transfer Learning Method for Deep Networks with Small Sample Sizes
A579Accurate ECG Data Generation with a Simple Generative Adversarial Network
A581A Practical Application for Text-based Sentiment Analysis Based on Bayes-LSTM Model
A582Comparison of Time Series Forecasting Based on Statistical Arima Model and Lstm with Attention Mechanism
A583Explore Deep Learning for Chinese Essay Automated Scoring
A584Wheat Powdery Mildew Spore Images Segmentation Based on U-Net
A585A Sound-Image Coding Method Inspired by an Acousto-Optic Electronic Piano
A590Prioritized Experience Replay in Multi-Actor-Attention-Critic for Reinforcement Learning
A592Research on Health Management Platform Based on Data Analysis
A597Real-time Recognition Algorithm of Vehicle External Specific Sounds Based on Spectrum Characteristics
A599Key Technologies of Intelligent Manufacturing of Protection and Control Equipment in Ubiquitous Power Internet of Things
A601Data Analysis and Research of Lithium-ion Battery based on Data Mining Technology
A602Ferroelectric Memristors Based Hardware of Brain Functions for Future Artificial Intelligence
A603Collaborative Filtering-based Film Recommendation Technique Utilizing Time and Film Genres
A609Structural Fuzzy Multi-Class Support Vector Machine
A611A Dynamic Model of Otolith for Determinants of a Bppv Reposition Maneuver with Its Simulation
A615A 3-D meshless time-domain algorithm for solving Maxwell's equations based on the Steger-Warming flux vector splitting approach
A617Research on Iron Surface Crack Detection Algorithm Based on Improved YOLOv4 Network
A628Agricultural UAV Path Planning Based on Improved A* and Gravity Search Mixed Algorithm
A629Hand Gesture Recognition of Double-Channel EMG Signals Based on Sample Entropy and PSO-SVM
A631Dynamic Feature Combination by Agreement for Image Classification
A632Dynamic Multi-View Combination for Image Classification
A641Analysis of Performance and Energy Consumption of Cloud Computing Center Based on Queueing Theory
A644A Scientometrics Analysis on Brain-Inspired Intelligence
C171Research on the Construction and Operation of the Statistical Analysis System of Cultural Tourism Industry of Shenyang
C172Research on Agricultural Product Quality Supervision System Based on Big Data
C173Research on the Integration Construction and Operation of Regional Ecological Industry and Modern Service Industry under the Background of Big Data
C176Research on Jamming to RF Screening Radar Based on Signal Reconstruction
C178Research on Selective Strategy of Enterprise Network Marketing Channel ---Take Leaf Tableware as an Example
C180An Algorithm Based on Simple Cnn and Bi_Lstm Network for Chinese Word Segmentation
C181An Affine-based Algorithm for Registrating Non-Rigid 3D Models
C182A Multi-hop Routing Mechanism Based on Local Competitive and Weighted Dijkstra Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks
C185Research on the Construction of Cultural Tourism Market in Shenyang Based on Big Data
C188Invulnerability Analysis of Electric Power Optical Transmission Network in Smart Grid Based on Complex Networks
C189Attitude Regulation for Multiple Spacecrafts based on the Distributed Fixed-Time Observer
C190Fault Diagnosis of Multi-level Principal Component Space Based on High-dimensional Feature Representation
C194Study on Spontaneous Behavior Recognition of Mice Based on Frame Stream and Feature Coordinate Matching
C196Identification of Effective Events Recorded by Optical Fiber Microseismic Monitoring System
C202Motion Retargeting for Virtual Human
C204Comparison of Gradient Descent and Least Squares Algorithms in Deep Model
C207Machine Vision Based on Pipe Joint Surface Defect Detection and Identification
C209Research on the Application of Competency Modelin Personnel Management of Private Enterprises
C213Research on the Real-time Mechatronic System Simulation Based on Virtual Reality
C217A Multi-UAV Formation Maintaining Method Based on Formation Reference Point
C225Enhancing Deep Learning-based Multi-Label Text Classification with Capsule Network
C226Manipulations of Equivalent Preference in Parallel Allocation Mechanism
C227Numerical Simulation on the Production of Glass Fiber Filter Product and Uniformity Improved on Cross-Direction
C231Main Steam Temperature Prediction Modeling Based on Autoencoder and GRU
C234Computing The Sub-game Perfect Nash Equilibriums in Parallel Allocation Indivisible Items
C235Security Analysis and Optimization of BB84 QKD System Post-Processing
C238Intelligent Passenger-Flow-Control Scheme at Subway Stations in Smart City
C240Bearing-Only Target Tracking Based on Piecewise Backward Smoothing Kalman Filter
C244A Design of Humanoid Foot
C247Dynamic Modeling and Cooperative Process Simulation in Cooperative Dual-Arm
C248The Robot Path Planning Method Based on Level Set
C250Study on RLS-type Algorithm of GPS-guided Range Correction
C251Segments-based 3D ConvNet for Action Recognition
C253The Pbd Model Based Simulation for Soft Tissue Deformation in Virtual Surgery
C254Research on Construction of Key Personnel Judgment Model Through Data Label
C256A Social Governance Scheme Based on Blockchain
C259Research on Influencing Factors of Roadside Parking Based on Empirical Mode Decomposition
C261Design and Implementation of Oil and Gas Information on Intelligent Search Engine Based on Knowledge Graph
C268Research on Sound Source Localization and Real-time Facial Expression Recognition for Security Robot
C269Quaternion Mahalanobis Non-local Means for Color Image Denoising
C270Evaluation on the Effect of High-level Scientific and Technological Talents Team Building in Local Industry Based on DEA
C277An Improved EMD Parallel Steganography Algorithm
C279Research on the Influence of Cultural Creativity Industries on Regional Economic Development in China Based on Moderating Effects
C280Anomalous Sound Detection Based on Convolutional Neural Network and Mixed Features
C282Zero Determinant Strategy to Enhance Environmental Protection Cooperation of Enterprises
C283Research on TFIDF Algorithm Based on Weighting of Distribution Factors
C284Repeated Game of Environmental Protection between Government and Enterprises
C288Cannon: A Pocket Laboratory for the Experiment of Short-range Wireless Communication Course
C293Using Graph Convolutional Networks Skeleton-Based Pedestrian Intention Estimation Models for Trajectory Prediction
C297Prototype of UAV data link based on Random Modulation Hopping and Automatic Modulation Recognition
C298Research on Transmission Performance of Double Leakage Cable Based on LTE-M System under Tunnel Simulation Environment
C299Design of a Narrowband Adaptable Filter in Low-frequency Domain
C300Design and Implementation of English Text Recognition System under Robot Vision
C301LRERNet: Low Resolution Expression Recognition Network
C302Design and Implementation of An Elevator Power Failure Warning System
C303An Empirical Study on Utilizing Neural Network for Event Information Retrieval
C304Research and Application of Integration Solution for Enterprise-level Heterogeneous Document Management Systems
C305A Deep Convolutional Learning Method for Blind Recognition of Channel Codes
C306Speech Dereverberation Based on Improved Wasserstein Generative Adversarial Networks
C309Development Status, Trends and Challenges in Field of “Blockchain and Education”
C316A Power-efficient and Secure Communication Scheme in Satellite Communication
C318Research on Improved Triangular Mesh Surface Subdivision Algorithm
C322Remote Sensing Scene Classification Based on Improved GhostNet
C323Position and Speed Measuring Method of Maglev Train Based on Federal Kalman Filter and Information Fusion
C326Research on Population Distribution Model Based on Communication Base Station—Take Shanxi Province as an Example
C334Research on Typical Architecture and Application of Distribution Internet of Things Based on Blockchain
C335Deep Metric Learning based Histopathological Image Classification
C337Design and Implementation of a Course Answering System Based on Error Correction and Trie Tree Language Model
C341Encounter Delivery Strategy for Strongly Relational Relay Nodes in MSN
C342Function Design Optimization of Learning Management System (LMS) Based on Student Perspective—Case Study of Canvas Application University of Colorado Denver
C349Construction and Application of Field Investigation Support Platform for Land Spatial Planning Based on GeoServer

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